Wedding Planning - My Personal 3 Top Tips to help you on the journey.

Updated: Oct 5

Previously I’ve talked about my top 3 practical aspects that can help you to stay focused, motivated and take the stress out of wedding planning. In this blog post I’m going to be looking at my top 3 personal aspects to help you along the wedding planning journey.

Take time - Away from planning

  • Okay so this sounds like a bit of a back to front way to do this but trust me this is important. Now men seem to be better at women at doing this sometimes perhaps to good…. but it is important to have a balance. During my own wedding planning I found that as the day got closer and the wedding deadlines were looming many of the conversations, I had with my then fiancé were wedding focused. Now this was important, but it did become all we talked about for a period of time. It was at times stressful and we found that actually scheduling time to just not talk or plan the wedding was really helpful.

  • By stepping away and taking a break it gave us a time where we could just be ourselves and enjoy each other’s company. It also made its easier to be more focused when went back to the wedding planning. It’s really important to make sure that you build time in for planning but also build time in away from it also.

Comparison – Don’t do it

  • So of course, this one is interesting as it seems more and more in life, we are wired to look at others and compare them to ourselves. This can also be true when it comes to weddings. However, my challenge to you would be to try not to compare. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a good thing to get inspiration from others to help plan your big day and draw upon your own experiences from previous weddings what you did and didn’t enjoy. However, comparison can take away that joy your supposed to have on your wedding day.

  • Don’t get me wrong I know everyone has an idea of what their wedding might look like in their mind but sometimes in reality there is limitations. Whether it’s the budget, the venue or time to plan there’s always going to be different pressures leading up towards the wedding as the date draws closer you can start to think about the things that you do and don’t have at the wedding. One thing to remember is that you are marring the person you love and that is the most important thing. Once the wedding is over all you will have is memories, the photos and your wedding video…oh and a partner for life! Trust me you won’t worry about the small things.

Make a done list – It sounds counter intuitive but try it

  • This is a really good way to be able to reflect and look back upon all the things that you have done towards your wedding. Once you completed a task no matter how big or small write it down. Or you can do this at the end of the week as a couple. If your ever feeling stuck or feeling overwhelmed remind yourself of all the steps that you have taken so far to get to that point. This can act as a really good motivator but also can help you remember if you have done something. Sometimes small tasks can be lost once wedding planning starts and so keeping track but in a positive way can be really beneficial.

  • A done list can also help you both celebrate those small wins and might be a more encouraging way to see where you haven’t really made much progress. Sometimes looking at a huge to do list can be hard as you’re not sure where to tackle first but a done list may show you have made real progress in one area but not another and this can help guide your next steps.

I hope you found these practical tips useful and you take away some fresh ideas of how to get started or maybe improve your wedding journey experience.

Remember its your wedding and you need to think about you during all the planning.




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