Ideas & Inspiration To Help Take The Stress Out Of Weddings!

Updated: Oct 5

Planning a wedding should be enjoyable – easier said than done. But don’t worry if you’re a little lost, feeling a bit overwhelmed or just simply want to make sure you don’t forget anything. Well don't fear here is some practical ideas & inspiration to help you on your wedding journey.

With lots to consider I have put together my top 3 practical tips to help you stay focused, motivated and take the stress out of wedding planning.

Get organised from the start - or whether you find yourself now

  • Until you plan a wedding, I don’t think you realise how many elements there are to it, well at least I didn’t realise. One of my top tips is to get organised. Now the way you do this needs to works for you. Is it a spreadsheet, sticky pads, lists, reminders, or a wedding board?

  • Whatever you find works best for you the secret is to pick something! Whatever you choose this should help you keep organised and on track with your wedding planning. Try to stay clear of having wedding elements left all around your house. Trust me its much better to try to keep all things wedding in one room. This will also help you to relax as with the ability to physically get away from planning it also allows you to mentally get away from it all.

Create a wedding email - Trust me this is a life saver

  • Having a separate email for your wedding not only means it minimises the chance of you missing that all important email, but also helps you keep track of everything. Once your wedding journey begins all your suppliers, the wedding venue and of course your future Mr or Mrs will need to be able to contact you. Having one email solves this problem and can be an effective way to ask your guests to RSVP.

  • If you create little sub folders with relevant titles like ‘flowers’ or ‘venue’ you can keep all the different suppliers and aspects in separate folders. Making it easy to find information quickly and allows you to keeping track of everything important - like an email from your wedding videographer.

Get some help from others – Or hire a wedding planner

  • If you’re like me I like to run things by others and even if in the end I don’t agree with their opinion, the process helps me to confirm what I do like and therefore helps me to make decisions. There’s plenty of options with this one as family and friends can be great and of course they know you well and can be called upon at multiple parts of your planning journey. However, it can be tricky negotiating all the aspects of a wedding with family. Plus if you want to keep anything secret or surprise them you will have to extra careful or you might give it away.

  • The other option could be to hire a wedding planner. This could be especially useful if you need professional support in the run up to your wedding day. If you know you’re going to be busy or your circumstances change a wedding planner could really help to keep everything on track.

I hope you found my top tips useful and you take away some fresh ideas of how to get starting on or maybe improve your wedding journey experience.

You never know you might even be able to take some of the stress out of wedding planning!




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