5 Top Tips For The Best Man’s Speech

Updated: Oct 5

Often the end of the speeches the best man’s speech can be the most anticipated speech of any wedding day. By this point the groom would have ‘hopefully’ said some nice things about their new wife, the bridesmaids and thanked various people who have helped support the wedding. So now this has all been covered what do you talk about? Well there is some certain expectations of what you will include; but it really is up to you.

There’s lots of ways you could play it and to help you meet some of those expectations, get a few laughs, tell a few stories but also remain a friend of the groom and the bride here our top 5 tips to help guide your thoughts and get you through it all.

  • Plan it. Number one rule don’t try to wing it. Never a good idea plus you don’t know how you will be feeling at the time or what condition you will be in. The last thing you want is stage fright a plan is your safest bet it will help relax you and keep you from the rambling friend mode and won’t have your groom looking embarrassed and disappointed.

  • Try to get your speech to last for around 5 minutes to 10 minutes this should be enough time to tell the right stories. Now of course if you have known the groom for along time you may want to speak for longer and I have seen longer speeches that work. However longer speeches can lose the audience if the stories become repetitive. Also remember that speeches tend to take longer on the day as people heckle, clap and hopefully laugh.

  • Avoid too many ‘in jokes’ that the mass won’t get. Every friendship has their own unique phrases and quirks but if people are left not understanding then people can easily switch off.

  • Stick to specific examples and not generalisations when it comes to examples. People love a story and can put themselves into the situation. This can also keep you on track with a specific example and help you manage time.

  • Dish the dirt but hold back Remember to think about your audience, find out the mix of people attending and try to weave something for everyone into your speech. Give a shout out to the guys who went on his stag do but also maybe mention their parents, how they brought him up and maybe mention your relationship with the bride and perhaps give her some advice.

Hopefully these help you to right a best man’s speech that will leave an impact for the right reasons.

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And if you have got a bestmans speech to write breath! I’m sure it will go fine..




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