How to personalise your Kent Wedding

Having personalised elements can help support to make your wedding unquie and this not only makes you wedding more memorable it also adds lots to your wedding film. So lets explore some of the ways you can personalise your wedding.

- Personalised Wedding Letters - traditionally read on the morning of the wedding in the bridal or groom prep. These letters are not only so special but also provide real personal audio which can add a lot of emotion to your wedding film. If you do decide to write letters it's easy to capture and you don't even need to be filmed for this element we can simply just record the audio.

- Put a twist on tradition with something unique to just you wether its an unusual cake, planned first dance routine, personalised table names or personalised vows all really make an impact.

- Have entertainment! Whether it is live music, wedding lawn games or some special entertainment it all helps guest to enjoy the day and make your wedding memorable.

- Plan for when the sun goes down! Whether that is fireworks, a packed dance-floor or a evening treat in the form of food or cocktails having something to pick people up after a long day is always a good idea

If your looking for some links to some inspiration here you go.

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If you need some ideas around how to structure a personalised wedding letter, then this article on wedding wire has a great page on how to do this.

If you’re looking for cakes in Kent Hitched has a good list of suppliers.

If you like the idea of fireworks make sure you do your research Guides for Brides has some good info to guide you.

And if you're still not sure let's connect and see if we can work out something unique for you!




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