3 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Couple / Engagement Film.

Updated: Oct 5

Couple / engagements films are becoming more and more popular and with the rise of more people wanting wedding films/videography what better way to find out what you can expect on the big day.

With lots to consider I have put together my top 3 reasons why you should have a couple/engagement film.

It helps you feel comfortable around the camera

  • It’s important to feel comfortable around your videographer and it helps if your videographer feels comfortable around you. Now the likelihood is you would have spoken to them whether it’s over email on the phone or in person and this all helps. But as with most relationships the more time spent around someone the more comfortable you become.

  • When thinking about all your wedding suppliers’ videographers and photographers are the ones you will spend most of your special day with. We are present during the most intimate and emotional parts of your day so it’s good to feel you can comfortable around us.

  • A couple film provides a perfect relaxed environment for everyone to get to know each other better. Taking part in a couple film will also help you to feel relaxed in front of the camera and although my style is largely based around capturing more natural shots there is some elements of gentle posing that occurs. This time will allow you too get used to a style of working and can help you feel that bit more at ease on your big day.

It helps you to understand what you do and don’t like

  • Personal taste and opinion form the basis for the way a wedding film is crafted and created in the edit however as a bride or groom you can have a say on what you like and what you think could be important to have included in your wedding video. By taking part in a couple film you can understand more of the types of shots that you prefer and ask for more of them.

A beautiful memory and a save a date

  • Not only do you have a beautiful video of you both, but you also have a potential asset to use. Couple films can be used as a save the date for your wedding itself. Whether it is a photo taken on the shoot, a video frame or a part of the video itself there is a lot of ways you can make turn the film into a save the date for your wedding guests with a more personalised touch.

I hope you found my top tips useful and you consider a couple film especially if you think it might help you feel more comfortable on the wedding day.

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